Consolidation of consumer loans

The arguments put forward by the specialized companies in favor of the regrouping of credits are multiple:

  • Sanitize the finances of the homes.
  • Find purchasing power.
  • To finish with the ends of complicated months.

Our opinion is that all this is true, under certain conditions and with a flat.


Situations in which a redemption of credits is relevant:

Situations in which a redemption of credits is relevant:

1. The repayment of consumer loans in progress must be really problematic. Indeed this operation has a cost, lengthening the reimbursement leads to an increase in the overall cost. (The interest, but also the costs of the company that buys the debts). Therefore, if the budget is really out of balance because of loan maturities, a credit redemption is probably the best solution.

2. We spoke above of a flat: This is the case quite common or a family has used several times the revolving credit . (whose rates are excessively high). We said earlier that a pooling of credits at a cost, but if the household debts are essentially made up of revolving credits . It is possible that a repurchase of credit would allow a saving. (Insofar as the repurchase rate would be notably more interesting than that of the revolving loans)


What does Loanmento offer?


It is a classic solution, it consists of clearing the credits of the customer (no matter where he was subscribed, bank credit company). These different grouped loans and Loanmento’s fees are added together. The result is the amount of the new capital to be repaid.

Then simply choose a monthly repayment amount bearable by the borrower. The repayment period will result directly from the choice of the monthly repayment.




Each credit company has its solution, in fact the legislation is so rigorous that the different contracts are very similar. That is why, in our opinion, the only criterion that makes the difference between credit companies is the interest rate, and here, Loanmento is rather well placed. But the rates are not fixed in time, so it is wise to make several simulations of credit buybacks before signing the best offer.

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