Interest rates on unsecured loans and consumer loans

Only one bank has changed the interest rate on the loan during the past month. This is what the interest rates on unsecured loans or consumer loans look like in November 2019.

Last month’s price changes are small


The comparison includes 22 banks and financial institutions that report the lowest and highest unsecured loans or consumer interest rates on their pages. Only one of the loan providers included in the comparison has changed the interest rate on the loan in the last month. Less than 8% interest can be obtained from 12 loan providers, nine of which operate entirely without a branch network.

Here’s how the comparison was made: The information was retrieved on the lenders’ website on 5/11/2019. Changes in interest rates are expressed in percentage points compared to the comparison made on October 4, 2019.

Of the comparable lenders, Resursbank has lowered the price of an unsecured loan over the past month, while the lowest and highest available interest rates for others have remained unchanged.

To keep the comparison simple, any opening or account management fees are not included in the table above. Often, however, a lower interest rate means higher fixed costs for the loan. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make a loan comparison, rather than just interest rates, by asking for personal loan offers for the desired loan amount and term. The comparison should be based on the annual percentage rate of charge, which takes into account not only the interest rate but also any other loan costs.

Customer-specific pricing provides flexibility in the granting of credit


Many lenders make a credit decision and charge a loan based on a customer-specific risk assessment. However, as shown in the interest rate table for loans, some lenders have only one Price Range. In this case, the loan decision is either positive or negative, and the credit is not priced according to the customer’s ability to pay in the same way as with custom pricing.

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