What to do if the bank rejects your loan application?

Sometimes our loan application is refused. The main reason is usually a dull credit history. Are there effective ways to improve your credit standing? What can you do to get bank loans easily?

How to become a reliable borrower?


Each bank, when we apply for a loan, downloads a data report about us from the Credit Information Bureau .

Why is this information so reliable and all creditors willing to use it? The answer is simple. Because every creditor (usually a bank) records all payments of its borrowers in the BIK database, which is a great source of information for subsequent banks about whether we will repay your credit or loan.

However, the BIK report is not the only factor affecting the acceptance or rejection of our loan application.

In addition to good credit history , salary and employment form are also important . Increasingly, the amount of remuneration and the period for which we have been employed counts. Less often, attention is paid to the form of employment, although this is important information, in some cases, decisively deciding whether or not a loan will be granted to us.

People who are employed periodically and often change jobs are in a worse position. In this case, it is much harder to obtain a long-term loan. It is important to have a stable and regular income received for at least two years.

There are also several proven ways to improve your credit standing by:

  • repayment of overdue liabilities,
  • settling bills,
  • purchase of small RTV equipment (or other) in installments,
  • limiting the submission of credit applications (too many credit applications submitted significantly reduces the credit rating in BIK).

What can prevent you from getting a loan?


Many factors influence the refusal to grant bank loans. Usually, the reason is unpaid other credit or overdue bills (yes, unpaid bills can also affect our creditworthiness assessment in the BIK register).

An incorrectly completed loan application may also affect the refusal. This is quite surprising, but it happens. All you need is the lack of relevant – for the bank – information in one of the headings and it is enough to refuse us a loan. Even mistaken entry in other sections will also result in the same. In this case, you can make a correction and complete the document again.

At the time of applying for a loan online, it is not possible to skip some important steps, and all data must have a specific format, which significantly reduces the likelihood of making a mistake . All this information is additionally verified by the system.

How do you get rid of a bad credit history?

How do you get rid of a bad credit history?

You can use several solutions. One of the most effective is of course the repayment of overdue liabilities, but the entry of arrears will remain. Then it is worth using BIK cleaning .

This solution is possible only in the case of already repaid liabilities. It is not possible to correct or delete entries that relate to financial obligations that are still being repaid.

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