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Ranking of the South African postal system compared to the rest of the world

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has published its annual postal development ranking, listing countries with the best postal systems in the world. The ranking is based on postal performance in 168 countries using big data and other statistics collected by the UPU. When compiling the index, the UPU assesses the reliability, reach, relevance and resilience […]

Postal rates

Postal rates and delivery times increase before the end of the year holidays

Price increases are abnormal this time of year, but there is a reason for the change. COLLEGE STATION, Texas – You’re not dreaming, postage rates are going up, and your packages are taking longer to reach their destination. Postal Plus President and CEO Becky Cochener said the two fluctuations are happening for different reasons. The […]

Postal system

Give DeJoy a Chance to Reform the Postal System

If you posted a letter across town on Friday, it may not reach its destination until today. That’s because, since October 1, the U.S. Postal Service has implemented changes that will slow mail down. While we are not thrilled with the delays, we welcome the news as proof of reform of an agency that is […]

Postal system

Minnesota unions protest postal system slowdown

Union members lined up outside the main Minneapolis post office on Monday to protest cost-cutting measures which by design will slow the delivery of some 1st class mail. MINNEAPOLIS – The 10-year plan designed to ward off $ 180 billion in losses to the U.S. Postal Service sparked protests from union members in Minnesota on […]