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Arlington Heights father’s cremated remains lost to US Postal Service

A tragic situation for an already grieving family: the US Postal Service has lost the cremated remains of their beloved father, Daniel McGuire, 63, of Arlington Heights.

Daniel’s son, Colin, dropped off the remains at a Los Angeles post office, following all strict packing protocol. The Postal Service almost immediately lost track of it.

“You go there. You save it. It’s on the receipt. They have pre-made stickers for the packaging, and it’s supposed to be this highly ‘white glove’ service,” Colin McGuire said.

Daniel McGuire was an avid Cubs fan who passed away in March 2021.

“My first memory with him is being at Wrigley Field,” said Colin McGuire.

The McGuires have decided to wait until this month to bury Daniel due to the pandemic, so that more loved ones can attend the funeral. This service took place last Friday without Daniel’s remains.

“We went to the funeral, and he didn’t survive. It’s tough,” Colin said. “I dropped it off at the post office and I feel responsible for a lot of that, and I just hope we can get it back, so we can finally put it back down.”

Colin McGuire said the USPS not only lost and failed to track his father’s remains, but hasn’t given him and his family any information or help since.


“This is something that is really important to me and my family. We need help finding this package,” Colin said.

In response to McGuire’s story, the USPS sent this statement to FOX 32:

“The Postal Service always strives to provide the best possible service to our customers. In this instance, we would first like to extend our condolences to the McGuire family and our sincere apologies for the involuntary delay in the delivery of this important package. We are fully aware of the desire to locate the package as soon as possible. We are committed to an ongoing search and will work to resolve this issue.”