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Here are the changes coming to the Postal Service – NBC Boston

On Friday, the U.S. Postal Service will begin implementing service changes that will impact the delivery time of certain first-class mail and periodicals. The changes also mean shipping packages will be more expensive during this year’s holiday season.

The move is part of the agency’s ten-year plan to improve service and achieve financial sustainability.

Here’s an overview of how your email may be affected by the changes:

Which mail is impacted?

From October 1, first-class and periodic mail traveling distances of more than 930 miles will be the most affected. the USPS says 61% of first class mail and 93% of periodicals will not be affected. First class mail consists of postcards, letters, envelopes and other lightweight packages. Periodical mail consists of magazines, newspapers and other publications.

How will delivery times be impacted?

Currently, the delivery standard for First Class and Periodic Mail is 3 days to any destination in the United States. With service changes, delivery time will be up to 5 days, depending on how far away the courier’s destination is.

For a destination within 140 miles of mail origin, delivery will take two days. For mail traveling between 140 miles and 930 miles, delivery will take three days. Mail traveling from 931 miles to 1,907 miles will be delivered in four days, and mail traveling over 1,908 miles will be delivered in five days.

Why are delivery times changing?

According to the USPS 10 year plan, three-day First Class Mail service targets have not been met for eight years. The USPS said this was due to “both unattainable service standards and a lack of operational precision.”

An overreliance on air travel, which can be inconsistent and cost more than ground transportation, has impacted delivery times, the USPS said. The new delivery standards will rely more on ground transportation.

The USPS said these changes will meet or exceed delivery standards 95% of the time.

What are the holiday shipping prices for packages?

Beginning October 3 and ending December 26, the Postal Service will temporarily increase the cost of all domestic parcel shipments, including those from retailers, for the peak holiday season of 2021.

The changes will affect prices on Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select, USPS Retail Ground and Parcel Return Service. Increases vary by service and distance, with Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express flat rates increasing by $0.75 and some package and parcel services increasing by up to $5. Retail and commercial shipping for First Class Parcel Service will increase by $0.30. For a complete list of increases, Click here.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy unveiled the biggest rollback in consumer mail service in a generation as part of his 10-year plan for the U.S. Postal Service, including longer first-class delivery windows, office hours reduced postage and higher postage costs. Tuesday’s announcement was part of DeJoy’s strategic vision for the agency.