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“Mail now”: the United States Postal Service has prepared billions and billions of mails

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – With Christmas comes Christmas cards. And with the Christmas cards comes the United States Postal Service.

The holidays have always been a busy time for the postal service, as you can see in a KELOLAND News article in 1977 about the post office occupied during the holidays.

Last year, the USPS delivered more than 1.1 billion packages during the holiday season.

USPS spokesman Mark Inglett said this year that the Postal Service is operating under the “Delivering for America” plan created in March 2021.

“This has provided us with many opportunities to stay ahead of the game this year,” USPS spokesman Mark Inglett told KELOLAND News.

The USPS reported from October 1 to November 26 that first class mail was delivered on time 91.1% of the time. Inglett said the USPS has installed 112 new processing machines across the country as part of the “Delivering for America” ​​plan. He said the machines can process 3,200 packages per hour.

“That’s over 25,000 packages in an eight-hour tour,” Inglett said. “You enter our network and we will really take care of you. ”

Inglett also said the USPS had leased 46 tenders within five miles of large processing facilities.

“It helps us with transportation and to avoid bottlenecks,” Inglett said. “We are ready to go. ”

USPS leave periods.

Holiday shipping times for the USPS have been announced for an expected delivery before Christmas. For retail ground service, the deadline is December 15, while first class mail is December 17, and priority mail service is December 18.

“If I get a Christmas card I want to hear from you now, so I’ll put it on my mantel,” Inglett said. “If I receive a package, I can put it under the tree. ”

The final USPS deadline is December 23 for Priority Mail Express service.

“Why wait?” said Inglett. “Let’s send these Christmas cards on the mantle and these presents under the tree and post them now. ”