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Postal service delivery delays: why the courier is slow


Citizen’s advice that someone was throwing mail from car in Walmart parking lot led to arrest of man and woman accused of stealing mail from nearly 2,000 boxes to the Charlotte area letters, York County, SC Sheriff investigators said on Saturday, Dec.11, 2021.

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If you’ve recently made the trip to the mailbox for a package or letter that was expected to be disappointed, you’re not alone.

Many across the country have expressed frustration with the speed of mail delivery by the US Postal Service, and Charlotte was not immune to trouble.

Here’s what you need to know about delivering mail to Charlotte, and what to do if you’re having issues:

“Unforeseen Circumstances” Behind Charlotte Delivery Problems

The problems with courier delivery in the Charlotte area have been relatively minor, USPS spokesman Philip Bogenberger said on Monday in a statement to the Charlotte Observer, “most Charlotte-area customers experiencing a regular mail delivery “.

“There are postal workers due to unforeseen circumstances,” he said in response to a question about delivery delays in the region.

Locally, the Postal Service allowed overtime for employees, extended delivery hours and removed “extra carriers” from other offices to “maintain mail deliveries,” according to Bogenberger.

“All affected customers who have experienced a brief delay should expect delivery to return to normal soon,” he said.

Nationally, the USPS announced last year that it was slowing down some mail services, NPR reported.

How long does it take for the mail to arrive?

the Postal service “delivery standards” the delivery time of a courier varies according to the type of courier:

  • First Class Mail should be delivered within one to five business days. If the mail has not arrived within five business days, you must contact customer service, according to the USPS.

  • First Class Parcel Service Mail should be delivered within one to three business days. If the package is not delivered within five working days, you must contact customer service.

  • Priority mail should be delivered within one to three business days. If the mail has not arrived within five working days, you should contact customer service.

  • Priority Mail Express packages have a guaranteed delivery window of one to two days. You must contact customer service if your package does not arrive in this window.

  • Retail ground packages, media mail, bound printed matter and library mail should arrive within two to eight business days. You must contact customer service if the package does not arrive within two weeks.

  • Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight packages should be delivered within two to nine business days, and you should contact customer service if they do not arrive within two weeks.

  • Periodicals, such as magazines, should arrive within three to nine business days of being dispatched. If they are not delivered within two weeks, you contact customer service.

  • Marketing mail should be delivered within three to ten business days, and you should contact customer service if it hasn’t arrived within two weeks.

Reasons why the postal service does not deliver the mail

There are a number of reasons why your mail delivery may be delayed or even interrupted, according to the postal service, including:

  • Your mailbox being blocked by things like “snow accumulation” or vehicles.

  • “Free-range animals”, such as dogs, pose an “immediate threat” to “the delivery worker, mail security or postal property”.

  • Extreme weather conditions or natural disasters creating “dangerous conditions” for letter carriers

  • Your mailbox is full.

  • Traffic or road construction delaying or preventing your letter carrier from reaching your area.

The USPS also warns that it is “normal for an address not to have mail scheduled for delivery on a given day.”

“If you have not received any mail within two days, or if you have not received regular mail (i.e. on a specific day of the week) for two or more weeks in a row, please let us know. contact “, advises the postal service. .

What to do if your mail is late

If your mail is late, you have some options to find it.

If you have a tracking number for your package, you can enter it here to see where the package is and what the latest delivery estimate is. The Postal Service recommends contacting the person or company that shipped the package if you do not have a tracking number to get the tracking number or have them track the package for you.

If this is a magazine or other type of periodical that you would expect, the USPS suggests contacting the publisher “to make sure they have your correct information and that the subscription does not ‘has not expired “.

And you always have the option of contacting your Charlotte area post office for information. You can find your post office by entering your zip code here.

This story was originally published January 11, 2022 5:44 pm.

Mary Ramsey is a reporter on duty at the Charlotte Observer. Originally from the Carolinas, she studied journalism at the University of South Carolina and also worked in Phoenix, Arizona and Louisville, Kentucky.