Postal rates

Stamp prices will increase next month in line with European postal rates


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An Post will increase the price of the basic domestic and international stamp on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. The standard domestic letter stamp will increase to €1.25 (currently €1.10) while the standard international stamp will be €2.20 ( currently €2.00). These levels are well below current average European tariffs for high quality mail delivery services.

The average price of a comparable national stamp in the main EU14 countries (+ UK) is now €1.58, while the comparable worldwide rate is €2.27. An Post’s service is consistently ranked among the best in Europe, providing a superior quality of service domestically and internationally compared to European carriers. Unlike many postal companies that have suspended services during the pandemic, An Post has maintained services throughout, supporting both personal and business customers.

Aware of the impact on individuals and SMEs who are regular senders, there will be no price increase for booklets of ten stamps priced at €11.00 (a discount of 15c per stamp). SMEs can also take advantage of the €1.10 stamp price through the An Post Advantage card with an increased discount of 12% on large stamp packs and a 34% discount on parcel postage will be available for all SMEs until the end of the year.

A position Community orientation supports including free postage to and from nursing homes, and free newspaper delivery for elderly customers will be available indefinitely, while ‘check-ins’ by postal delivery staff on elderly, vulnerable or lonely living alone are now an integral part of An Post’s service nationally.

The new stamp prices reflect the steep inflation in transport, fuel and energy costs and the real cost of maintaining a national postal service with steadily declining volumes of traditional letters. International air freight prices have increased by up to 360% during the pandemic; Transport cost inflation is 18% and electricity, gas and fuel costs are increasing 27% year-on-year (CSO-Dec 2021). The new postage rates will help ensure the continuity of national next-day mail services, based on customers paying the same price for letter delivery across the country, regardless of distance, as well as continued investment in courier services, personnel and infrastructure.

David McRedmond, CEO of An Post “While these increases are essential to cover rising costs and ensure continuity of service at the level of the best in Europe, we will mitigate the impact on SMEs by increasing the discounts offered to them, while freezing the price of the notebook of ten stamps for consumers and offering regular price promotions An Post is rebuilding the postal infrastructure for the future by developing new service and product choices to suit our current lifestyle and the way we will choose to live, work, communicate and connect in the future. Through innovation and building physical and digital infrastructure, we will protect our customers and support Irish companies doing business in their country and around the world, while ensuring safe and decent work for our staff.

“We are helping to shape a more sustainable future. New services, delivery depots and equipment will be commissioned this year and we will expand our fleet of electric vehicles for fast, sustainable and emission-free delivery,” he added.

Key points

  • The price of the standard domestic letter stamp will rise to €1.25, below the EU14 + UK average of €1.58.
  • The worldwide standard letter stamp will increase to €2.20. Rising transport, fuel and energy costs are impacting An Post’s cost of operation. As an island, Ireland is much more impacted by flight and freight costs than other European carriers who may rely on road transport to transport mail.
  • There will be a price freeze until the end of 2022 on the €11 consumer booklets of ten stamps (a saving of 15c per stamp). Seasonal discounts and price promotions will also continue.
  • There will also be increased discounts on larger stamp packs available to SMEs through the An Post Advantage Card, a 12% discount on new rates to help get them back on the road to recovery and growth.
  • Small businesses can also take advantage of 34% off parcel postage with the An Post Advantage card.
  • Bulk mailing rates will increase by 6c and metering rates by 10c. Large shippers, including meter customers, can qualify for high volume shipping discounts.
  • All existing stamps with the denominations ‘N’ (National) and ‘W’ (Worldwide) remain valid and fully serviceable after the new prices take effect on Tuesday 1st March 2022.
  • Also the 1st March, rates for parcels to EU countries are reduced based on improved routing options. Letter, packet and parcel price zones are being revised for different parts of Europe, keeping prices at the lowest possible rates, whilst reflecting the cost of transporting Irish mail to these countries.

This revised pricing structure supports the core economics of the mail business, which continues to be the cornerstone of An Post’s ongoing transformation. This has been made more difficult by the length of the COVID-related disruption, the extent of special measures to keep customers and staff safe, and the cost of maintaining essential collection, sorting and delivery services throughout. of the pandemic.