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The United States Postal Service manufactures NFTs

NFTs have been a hot topic lately, and USPS is the latest entity to embrace the controversial idea of ​​owning virtual property.

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Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have spread across the internet, bringing with them waves of people looking to buy as well as those who think the whole premise is nonsense. Some call them an easy way to scam or make a quick buck, while many groups, including game developers, believe NFTs are the future of virtual art ownership.

Recently, more and more entities are entering the NFT space, and the United States Postal Service decided it was time to enter the NFT realm, announcing the news first on its Mailin’ It podcast. . The idea is inspired by real stamp collectors, an older tradition in the United States.


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For those who don’t know what a non-fungible token is, the use of USPS physical stamps actually offers a good analogy. Like a physical USPS stamp, a digital stamp is assigned a value based on its rarity. Physical stamps have a monetary value listed on each unit, but they are also physical products. Many argue that NFTs have no value because they are digital images and therefore can be copied and pasted. However, the reason NFTs can be valuable and unique is that they are one of a kind. Much like the rarity of a stamp, NFTs are rare because there is only one original image or one digital product.

On the Mailin’ It Podcast, USPS Licensing Manager Amity Kirby explained the process of creating USPS NFTs. The way it has worked so far is for the USPS to enter stamps into NFT generators which turn them into art for digital sale. This means that the USPS sends stamps or data to websites which will then turn the stamps into images. These images are then transformed into completely unique NFTs, using blockchain technology to track the ownership of each product. The host admitted that the idea was executed on a whim and that she previously thought there was a chance the idea might fail. However, she reported that her first set of NFTs were redeemed less than a second after they were posted. Obviously, collectors thought the idea was profitable.

The response to the tweet was less than positive. Like the Troy Baker NFT backlash, many users were upset that the USPS was wasting its time on a scam instead of focusing on bigger issues; over the past several months, deliveries across the United States have been moderately to severely delayed. Some users have told the USPS to stop pushing NFTs due to the damage they and cryptocurrency mining inflict on the environment. Other users pointed to a cryptocurrency crash that happened just hours before the tweet was posted, telling the USPS that it’s getting into the wrong business.

Whether NFTs are positive or negative is still up for debate, but some like Josef Fares would rather be shot than use them. Only time will tell the future of digital property, but USPS believes there is a future in the NFT sector.

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