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U.S. Postal Service Now Accepting Apple Pay On Its Website

Just in time for the holiday season, it looks like the United States Postal Service (USPS) is now accepting Apple Pay as a payment method.

The catch is that the payment method is currently only available on the USPS website.

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However, this does mean that it will work when using USPS features such as The Postal Store, PO Box Online, Every Door Direct Mail, USPS Package Intercept / USPS Delivery Instructions, Pickup On Demand, Click-N-Ship. , USPS Tracking Plus.

One of USPS ‘competitors, FedEx, supports Apple Pay in its stores. UPS does not currently accept Apple Pay in stores or online.

Apple Card customers, when using Apple Pay as their payment method and choosing Apple Card, will receive 2% cash daily on their purchases.

To use Apple Pay on the USPS website, customers must use Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

At this time, there is no timeline for when USPS could bring Apple Pay support to its stores, but according to a recent tweet from @JordanMCarson on Twitter, it is not yet accepted.

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